We Help You Buy – Not Be Sold

Our Mission is to provide a simple and direct process that will eliminate all the hard work for our clients. We offer a new, more efficient way of purchasing your dream vehicle.

Saving You Time

On average consumers spend 14 hours on the Internet shopping for vehicles prior to purchase and then visit 3 dealerships before making a final decision” – JD POWER. Our goal is to decrease the valuable time spent on the traditional vehicle purchasing process. We do all the leg work to make sure your needs and wants are met with the price you are looking for.

Saving You Money

The average consumer does not have a thorough understanding of the automotive market and are unsure if they are getting the “best” deal. By using My Auto Broker, we can make sure that you obtain the best value on the vehicle without having to do any negotiations directly. We also protect our clients by reviewing all paperwork to ensure there are no hidden or unrelated fees.

Less Stress

Consumers are often disappointed when their vehicle purchase experience is less than convenient. The process is complicated, out-dated and often unfamiliar. At My Auto Broker, we establish a relationship with our clients that is trustworthy, simple and beneficial.

(1) By allowing us to do the all searching and negotiating; you can rest assured that you are getting best deal and the vehicle that best fits your life. (2) Our client’s always know that they are well taken care of when using our services.

Our Process

How It Works

1. Establish A Relationship

By signing up to use My Auto Broker’s service, we establish a relationship with our clients. It is important to us that clients are understood and guided in the beginning stages of this process. We want to get to know our clients so we know how to best take care of their specific vehicle needs.

2. Define Goals

In getting to know our client, we will establish what exactly they need us to do for them. If you have a vehicle that you would like to trade-in, we will ensure that you get the best value to contribute towards your new purchase. We will go over vehicle types, options and the other “ins and outs,” likes and dislikes. With this information, we can get to work and make your vehicle vision a reality.

3. Get To Work

This is the easy part for our clients! At this point, My Auto Broker takes the information provided by the client and begins the “WORK”. We go out and locate the vehicle, review pricing and availability, negotiate with the dealership. Once the client is happy with the deal, we then proceed to guide our client through the purchasing process. My Auto Broker will review all paperwork and documentation to be sure it is presented thoroughly and honestly. Throughout this process, we will maintain regular contact and keep you updated on the progression.

4. Client Success!

After the perfect vehicle has been selected and the close out documents are finalized, we ensure the dealer provides a proper vehicle “walk-through”. We want to make sure you know all the features and benefits of your vehicle. We will continue our established relationship for the duration of your vehicle term, and further!


Are you a dealership?

We are not a dealership nor do we have inventory. We are simply offering a smoother car buying process.

Do we buy the vehicle from you?

No, the transaction and purchase which will be stated on the bill of sale will be completed by the Dealership in your area.

How do I know I am getting the best deal?

We guarantee that the vehicle will be purchased with a adjustment of 3%-5% over dealer invoice with all incentives applied prior to delivery.

Do you help with used car purchases?

No, we currently deal only with new car and demo vehicles.

How do I know I am not getting charged for unnecessary fees?

With our experience and based on the questionnaire we ensure that any unnecessary fee’s or extended warranties that are suite for you will be removed . According to OMVIC & GOVT STANDARDS

What if I have a trade-in?

We offer a easy and convenient vehicle appraising process.

How far can you come for a trade-in inspection?

GTA Currently

Do I get to choose the dealership?

We choose a Dealer in your area that gives you the best deal!

Can I cancel my deal at anytime?

Under OMVIC No cooling off period.

Can I Test Drive?

We do not offer test drives. This is up to the Individual buyer if they wish to do so.

I don’t live in Toronto. Are you able to assist me?

Of course! Although we’re based in Toronto, we provide our services throughout Ontario. We are able to tailor our services to your local area

Will I still be eligible for dealer and manufacturer incentives if I use your services?

Absolutely! If there are any dealer or manufacturer incentives (such as cash purchase discounts), you will receive them.

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